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30 / 09 - 2011 | Facebook!

We have created a Facebook page to help get information out to our members! Like and stay tuned! STI ON FACEBOOK

22 / 09 - 2011 | Next matches up!

Just a reminder, check the schedule and confirm or suggest a new time for your next match!

25 / 08 - 2011 | Map pool updated!

The map pool has been slightly modified for our upcoming tournament Rebirth. Check the changes here!

13 / 08 - 2011 | Confirming or suggesting a time for your next game!

Hello there everyone! Just a little reminder to confirm your match date and time or suggest a new one.
This is done by logging in and clicking the \"Next Match\" link just below your portrait!

11 / 08 - 2011 | New Members!

This is a warning to all you new players! It is VERY important that you fill in your race, leauge and charactercode!!! There is a very easy to follow Tutorial if you find this difficult.
We delete any incomplete registration on a regular basis!
Looking forward to a great competition!!

09 / 08 - 2011 | Tournament info up!

Hi there everyone. We have now released the brackets for the upcoming tournament Rebirth :) We chose to separate the tournament into two smaller tournaments. One for Gold and Platinums and one other for Diamonds and Masters. Sorry to all you below Gold but there just weren\'t enough of you to get your own bracket :P
Be sure to login and confirm your time as soon as possible. As always we will replace people who don\'t do this. If you haven\'t yet, please read the rules.

08 / 08 - 2011 | Hello

I\'m happy to be aboard on the Tournament crew and I\'m looking forward to the big war we have ahead of us!

08 / 08 - 2011 | Observe

Things are starting to cook with the upcoming tournamnet and we will in the coming days make a complete announcement about selected competitors and layout of the tournament! Please stay tuned and keep an eye on your mail!

19 / 07 - 2011 | New member to the STI staff!

We'd like to welcome our newest member to the STI staff; SurrealSTI! He will help with hosting matches and many other things around the community. Feel free to check out his profile at the staff section.
Btw, matches for the upcoming tournament will be up very soon so stay updated!

01 / 07 - 2011 | New Tournament Anncounced!

STI v2.0 has now been relaunched and to celebrate this we are now anncouncing our next tournament, named "Rebirth"! To see more info about the tournament and signing up just go to the Tournaments section.

31 / 06 - 2011 | Whole new site!

STI HAS BEEN REVIVED! Awoken from the dead! We've been working hard to give you this, a brand new website with cool new features and endless possibilites (almost)!
Apart from the visual improvement the new features also include, and are not limited to, things like membership registration. You can now register as a member right here on the site and login. As a member you will have more options and can better take part in whatever STI is planning at the moment. More features to the membership status will be added every now and then.
Keep checking the website, we will soon announce our first tournament since relaunching STI. It will be bigger, bader and simply more awesome than ever before.

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